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The Lifted Ford F150 sequence is the bestselling vehicle in the market. This is attributed to its high strength steel support, high power, military level and aluminum alloy frame. The F150’s is a very commonly preferred truck for play or work. Ford lifted trucks are uniquely arrayed with various custom equipment and Ford’s original factory warranty. The present SUV comes in 44 trims and complete size pickup that can accommodate three to six people according to the trim and purpose. The lifted F150 has been giving a clear-cut competition to Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500.

Lifted Ford F150’s Upgrade

Lifted Ford F150’s has been upgraded to six-inch suspension lift. This means that you do not have to worry about rough country roads as it gives the best performance in unparalleled off road. Shock absorbers are fitted in the vehicle to ensure best performance on the upcountry’s premiere uneven roads. Other features added include durable polyurethane bearings, chrome resistant piston bar and a big 2.2-inch diameter frame.

In order to shield the truck against axle wrap, rough country invented rear blocks which are assumed to be stronger than their counterparts. Specifically the cast iron thus eliminating frequent lift block difficulties. For the truck to look more appealing to the buyers, it is fitted with a quarter inch dense plate steel. Which is allocated on the back and front which shows that the truck has strength that cannot be compromised by anything. There is also this feature that allows the vehicle to keep all things at the best angle even after being lifted.

Lifted Ford F150 truck has different sets of drop brackets which includes; the brake line brackets and sway bar drop brackets. It has been fitted with a drive shaft spacer that also helps the balancing of the truck. The truck has also been equipped with long lasting strut spacers and joints. Which will allow for sufficient ride height that will run up to thirty-five-inch wheels that have been properly spaced.

The best performance engine

Lifted Ford F150’s has one of the best performing engine with fast acceleration as well as precise and smooth shifts. it has a new V6 powerhouse which produces 375 horse power and 470-pound feet. There is also a 3.5 litre twin turbo that also brings the transformation in the world of trucks. The new engine and transmission significantly improves the performance and power of the truck. The other features included in the Lifted ford are; the start and stop which stops the engine from idling when parked and direct tandem for fuel injection port. The turbo chargers have been built with a bigger volume, very high boost pressure and turbine wheels that are very light. The Ford’s Eco boost V6 engine is said to be the second-generation engine that is high in terms of the output that can power the F150 off road truck.

lifted ford f150

Overall what makes it the best?

The best thing about having a Lifted Ford F150’s is that in rough countries they provide a replacement warranty; this is in case anything happens within the stipulated time in the warrant. But with a condition of using the vehicle in accordance to the information given by the manufacture.

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