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Ford Motor company is an American-based automaker. It is the fifth largest automaker in the world in terms of the numbers of vehicles sold. The company is based in Michigan and was founded by Henry Ford in 1903.The company began with eleven original investors. It is also in 1903 that the Model a Ford mobile was introduced. There were around 1,708 cars of this model were produced. Ford Motor Company became the top selling brand in the United States in 1906 with over 8,729 cars produced.

The Model T

Model T was later introduced in 1908 and by 1927 over 15 million Model T cars had been produced. Ford Motor Company expanded its business to England in 1909 where it established its first company out of North America. The second line was opened in Argentina and was known as Ford Motor Argentina. The company continued with its expansion policy and began the construction of the Rouge assembly Complex in 1918. It was in 1919 when Edsel Ford succeeded Henry Ford as the company President.

The company achieved the 1 million cars produced per year rate in 1921.This was nearly 10 times more than its rival company Chevrolet which was the next largest selling brand. In 1922, Ford expanded its influence in the motor industry through the purchase of Lincoln Motor Company. Due to advancement in technology and the production of more modern cars, Ford saw it wise to stop the production of Model T in 1927 and introduced the next generation of Model A cars. Later in 1941 Ford company began the production of general purpose Jeeps for the military. In 1942 production of civilian vehicles was halted to pave way for the production of military vehicles.

F Series History

Edsel Ford dies in 1943 of cancer and Henry Ford resumes Presidency. Ford sues the allies at the end of the World War for the damages that were done to his factory and wins compensation. Automobile production resumed in 1946 after the deployment of Whiz Kids who were former military servicemen to revitalize the company. Ford Motor Company introduces the F-1 truck in 1948 followed by Thunder land as a personal luxury car in 1954.

Ford Going Public

It is 1956 that Ford goes public by introducing common stock shares. The company is later awarded the Motor Trend Car of the year in 1956 due its emphasis on safety. Since then the company has been involved in the development of vehicles with new features and designs. This has made them to remain competitive in the motor industry. It was under the leadership of Henry Ford that the company build its legacy of creativity and innovation by expanding their manufacturing capabilities and introduction of new technologies.

Ford Motor Company has always been working to boost its level of global production by expanding its assemblies to meet the surging customer demands. It has opened several assembly plants in China,Russia,India and Brazil to ensure adaptability of its vehicles based on the consumer specification. The company has also invested in automation of production systems to help increase production rate and the quality of its products.

Ground Breaking Technologies

Introduction of ground-breaking technologies as seen in Ford Mustang, one of the most advanced Ford cars, as helped in luring consumers to purchase products associated with the company. Division of labour among its employees has led to the perfection of duties undertaken in its factories. It is through this facts that the company has grown to be an indisputable major player in the motor industry. With the introduction of robotic manufacturing system in its plants, Ford is expected to even stand taller in the lucrative motor industry.

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